понеделник, 20 декември 2010 г.

For the magic of the ink and the paper

We are living in a time when almost everything can be done on a computer. People stopped sending letters, they send e-mails. They stopped writing and started typing. Sometimes I have the feeling that some people had forgotten what it is to hold a pen in your fingers.
But for me there is still magic in the ink and the paper. I love the smell of new paper. I love to watch the traces the pen leaves on the white sheet. When I am holding a pen my thoughts runs better, my imagination is free to search for it's limits. I have nothing of this when I am just typing on my keyboard. My fingers can't type fast enough to follow my train of thoughts so I usually lose the meaning of what I wanted to say at first place. When I have a pen and paper I just follow the ideas. I never forget what the main idea is, I never have to even think about it. I just let the waves of thoughts lead me to whatever made me start writing at first place. I sink in a world of my own and everybody who interupts me in a moment like this should be pitied. :)

сряда, 20 октомври 2010 г.

Gregory Lemarchal - Le Lien

петък, 14 май 2010 г.

Word, words...

Words... We all communicate through them. But what happen when they are not enough? And is it so important what is said? Or it's more important how it was said?
How you are supposed to tell somebody that you love them? How you're supposed to say to "a friend" that he had hurt you? How you are supposed to comfort a friend who is upset, hurt, in pain? How you are supposed to say to someone that you admire their work? How you are supposed to say anything when there is no words inside you, when the heart aches and the mind is blocked? How do you describe your feelings when you are feeling in love, hurt, lonely or just apathetic?
Sometimes I have the feeling that I am surrounded by a wall of emotions, a wall I can't pass through. And I am desperately looking for words to describe them, to break the wall but it's in vain. Maybe it's just me but when emotions overtake me I can't find words to speak. I can't never find the right words to describe what I am feeling, what I am thinking. Everything I say seems so empty and meaningless.
And in this moments I think it's best to leave the acts to speak. Sometimes a single look means so much more than a ton of words.

понеделник, 29 март 2010 г.

Facebook could be useful

About three weeks ago I found out that Facebook actually could be useful for finding good music. I saw a Russian member in a Bulgarian group. I checked his profile and there was written that he is a member of a band named "Chelsea". I was like: who the hell are these "Chelsea"? So I checked. This is what I found:

After that I tried to find other songs. Found a few and loved them all. I befriended the group members(even against my strong rule about no friends in my list that I don't know personal) in Facebook and checked their profiles. Yesterday one of them, Roman Arkhipov posted his new video. It's a great song so:


For this blog

Lets start with the beginning - the introduction. I am Desislava, 23 years old and I am from Bulgaria. This will be my blog in English. Here I will post everything that interests me in the moment - the music I listen, the books I read, even sometimes my own works. I love to listen music so there will be a lot of songs here. But my real passion is reading. I can spend days locked in my room with a good book. I sometimes write some stories but rarely in English so there won't be many here.
Will this be some sort of a journal? Maybe. But my main purpose is to practice my English. I hope that I will menage to even improve it.