понеделник, 29 март 2010 г.

Facebook could be useful

About three weeks ago I found out that Facebook actually could be useful for finding good music. I saw a Russian member in a Bulgarian group. I checked his profile and there was written that he is a member of a band named "Chelsea". I was like: who the hell are these "Chelsea"? So I checked. This is what I found:

After that I tried to find other songs. Found a few and loved them all. I befriended the group members(even against my strong rule about no friends in my list that I don't know personal) in Facebook and checked their profiles. Yesterday one of them, Roman Arkhipov posted his new video. It's a great song so:


For this blog

Lets start with the beginning - the introduction. I am Desislava, 23 years old and I am from Bulgaria. This will be my blog in English. Here I will post everything that interests me in the moment - the music I listen, the books I read, even sometimes my own works. I love to listen music so there will be a lot of songs here. But my real passion is reading. I can spend days locked in my room with a good book. I sometimes write some stories but rarely in English so there won't be many here.
Will this be some sort of a journal? Maybe. But my main purpose is to practice my English. I hope that I will menage to even improve it.