понеделник, 20 декември 2010 г.

For the magic of the ink and the paper

We are living in a time when almost everything can be done on a computer. People stopped sending letters, they send e-mails. They stopped writing and started typing. Sometimes I have the feeling that some people had forgotten what it is to hold a pen in your fingers.
But for me there is still magic in the ink and the paper. I love the smell of new paper. I love to watch the traces the pen leaves on the white sheet. When I am holding a pen my thoughts runs better, my imagination is free to search for it's limits. I have nothing of this when I am just typing on my keyboard. My fingers can't type fast enough to follow my train of thoughts so I usually lose the meaning of what I wanted to say at first place. When I have a pen and paper I just follow the ideas. I never forget what the main idea is, I never have to even think about it. I just let the waves of thoughts lead me to whatever made me start writing at first place. I sink in a world of my own and everybody who interupts me in a moment like this should be pitied. :)