понеделник, 7 юли 2014 г.

Serissa's Song by M.Cundy

I got the book free of charge in exchange of an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal). The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 7 of 10

Liked the book a lot. It's easy to read and does keep your attention. Serissa is struggling with her new career and some unexpected complications arise on the way.
I liked Serissa in this book.  She was trying to adapt to all the changes in her life and struggled with it. There isn't anything that is not changing for her - her boyfriend, her mom, Rose is gone, Amber goes to college and she leaves home to start working on her album. The fact she didn't just accepted all these changes but needed time to get used to them was a key point for me. It was natural and I liked it.
I missed Gabe a little bit in that book. I felt like he wasn't much there, even when he was. He was going trough a change and that was a major part of the plot but for me Gabe as a character was missing. He was.... static.
I very much liked the fact that we got to see more of Dayton and Colby, thought. They are both very interesting characters to me.
Another thing I sort of missed in the book was the culmination. Was it When Amber got sick? Or after? Or was it the funeral? Got confused on that point.
All together, I liked the book pretty much. A lot of new questions arise, not many answers are yet given... Can't wait to get my hands on the next one.