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Unforgiven (The Wanderers #3) by Jessica Miller

I was given the book free of charge in exchange of an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal). The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 7 of 10

Ella is back in the third instalment of The Wanderers. Infortunately in the beginning of the book she is also back to being 14 years old. If Tristan is making her act this way - he is so not the guy for her. Oh, don't get me wrong, I undersood her need to make sure that Tristan is alive and well but the way she did it.... ught! First I didn't liked her attitude toward Deirdre. She went uninvited in her garden and she engaged in a power duel. For what? What the fact that she is stonger than the old woman proves? Except that she has no respect for others... And the way she acted toward her father.... poor man have been scared shitless and she just challenges his patience. As Deirdre said at one point - god help us if that's the future queen. And I so didn't like how selfish Ella was the entire book. First, she never even thought how her actions will affect others. The only thing she cared about was "me...me... me... me... me...". And second, even after she got the hint that a friend of hers is troubled by something she discarted it with the thought that she is tired or stressed or whatever. Because that's what friends do. Ella, you suck as a friend. Big time!
Half way through the book thought, Ella finally got the memo. Was about time! She was pretty okay after that and I liked that she tried to make amends(but not the fact that the moment she came back she tried to get Roman back, as some sort of a consolation prize). Didn't liked the fact that Josie told her that she is a good, great person even, but made a few mistakes. Ella is so not a great person and as her best friend Josie should have told her the truth "Ella, you suck, but try to get a grip and BECOME a better person." Things worked out thought, so... I am gonna live with that. But enough about Ella for now. By the end of book she seems to have learned her lesson and grown up a bit.
I didn't liked Tristan in this book at all. First for the fact that he had given up. I don't like quitters. Second, I didn't liked how he tried to comfort Ella - it was all about the sex. Third, I didn't like the fact that he left her based on a third person's opinion about who Ella should be with. Forth, I didn't liked that he returned just because he learnt that Ella is with his brother. You made the decision to leave her, now stick with it.
I will admit that I didn't like Roman much either. He became way too possesive and jelous. Why take Ella back if he can't accept her the way she is?
The best parts of the book for me were when we actually got different poins of view. It was so refreshing to be out of Ella's head. I so wanna see what will happen with Xander and Danni, with Dean and Cameron. Josie started to innerve me a bit. She dismissed Billy so easily.
I also didn't get the fact why Jack didn't attack Ella in Ireland. She was so unprotected there and it's not like he didn't know she is there.  Such an easy prey and he missed the opportunity....
So I complained and complained, and complained. Then I keep reading the series? Considering the fact how much Ella annoys me, you must realize that probably the story is extremly interesting and keeps me hooked up. Cause if it wasn't I would have given up ages ago. I am dying to know what will happen next, it's all so unexpected. Hope that book 4 will be published soon and we will finally get some answers. I wanna know what Jasa's game is and also about grantma Bea... Practically, I can't wait!

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Reborn (The Wanderers #2) by Jessica Miller

I was given the book free of charge in exchange for an honest review(Lovers of Paranormal). The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 8 of 10

The second book in "The Wanderers" series. I must say I liked it better than the first one. But let's starts from the beginning.
Tristan is dead, Josie too and Ella is devastated. I got the tattoo rebelion and that was an interesting idea for self pain inflicting. But why she was so opposed to the new school I didn't get. Obviously Ella still have a great problem with autority cause I think she didn't really mind going to the school, she minded that she was told to go. Anyway, for the rest of the book I sort of liked her. She figured it out that something wrong is going on with her and Aiden and I really liked the fact that she devoted to training without much complaining. I didn't questioned as much her age in this book. I questioned her gender once or twice thought. I have never seen a girl so clueless about a boy having hots for her. Girls usually sniff things like that from miles away and I personally thought, that in Roman't case it was way obvious actually. The stupidiest thing in the book Ella did for me was chasing after Jack in the maze. Come on, girl, he is after you, not the other way around. You get to pick the fighting ground if he wants to get to you. Instead Ella let him lead her where he can have more help. Dumb, very dumb!
Altogether, Ella didn't annoyed me as much in that book as in the first.
I liked Roman but not overly so. He is a nice guy, but he tends to make assumptions without all the facts. I think he is a good match for Ella actually.
I liked Billy even more in this book. He is becoming a very interesting character. Dixon holds a special place in my heart from the previous book and I was so pleasntly surprized to meet him again.
Overal solid 4 stars for that book and strong interest for the next one. Hope Ella will finally start acting her real age and not as a spoiled kid. Off to book 3...

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The Wanderers by Jessica Miller

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review(Lovers of Paranormal). The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 5 of 10

Very good book, a real page-turner. Very unexpacted twists that keep you guessing what's next till the last page. 


That girl was annoying. Don't even know where to start with. She is selfish, spoiled, stuborn(and not in a good way) and very stupid girl. I felt for her at the beginning. She seemed nice and I liked the fact that even after the tragedy she is trying to get a grip of her life and move on. If the book was about her trying to do just that, it would have been great. No such luck. I didn't like how she acted on that party and made out with that Mark guy but I overlooked it. Hey, a girl have the right to be a bit recless after such a tragedy. Accepted it as part of the healing process and moved on. And then Ella went to the university. To get drunk as pig on your first party there is absolutely unacceptable behavior for a girl in my opinion but that's just me. I have seen it happen, so... whatever. Now enter Tristan. She said he annoyed her but I never saw her doing anything really to get rid of him, just a few half-hearted attempts that looked more like a flirting to me than anything else. And don't tell me that she couldn't get rid of him, cause he was persistent. If Ella wanted to do it she could have done it. As it happened - Tristan played her like a cat plays with a mouse... and she played along. He challenged her and Ella never knew when to back down or fight back. If she really liked him from the very beginning and had second thoughts because of Kyle I would have thought it normal. But at this point I would have loved to hear more about Kyle. He sort of have been forgotten somewhere on the way. Okay, lets move on. The date was nice, nothing much to say for it. But after Ella saw Tristan with another girl I thought she will finally get the hint. Nope, she lets herself being smitten with him again. And then Tristan refused to sleep with her because she was drunk(again). This is the point that I actually decided that he is a good guy and is worth the shot. Ella, of course, finally decided to get rid of him. Because she obviously prefers bad guys and the possibility of Tristan actually being a nice one repulses her. So she chooses Jack. The creepy guy. At this point I already had a bad feeling about him. Mostly because of his reaction on her dating Tristan. Looked a bit too possessive to me. And that leads me to another annoying thing about Ella - she never asked herself who the killer is. She was way too self-absorbed to bother with suck a trivial thing like a murder on the campus. A child would have been more curious than her. And I laughed when they found the second body. Ella herself mentions he have been dead there for days. But is worried about the roommate. Like there is a chance he didn't noticed that his roommate is murdered.... Funny girl.
And then the big secrets are revealed. Ella is annoyed about being lied to. I get that but why she had to trow a tantrum? Didn't saw Josie doing that. But Ella obviouly had a problem with autority. I get her prolems with being royalty but not the one with the guardians. Hello, girl, time to get the memo - there is someone out there determned to kill you. But what she does? Sneaks out to go to a party. And not only there, but back to the empty building where they are an easy prey. Do I blame Ella for what happened? I sure do! Josie didn't get the whole danger, but Ella did. She was just too stupid to even think that someone might get hurt. For a stupid party? If you want to go that much why not ask permision first? Go with guardians? Honestly, at the end of the book I wished Ella was dead.
And in the same time I couldn't just put the book down. At some point, I think it was when Ella trew a tantrum and refused to listen to anything her father said, I went back in the beginning to check how old actually Ella is. If I have found out she was 14-15-16 years old I would have given the book a 10 and never given it a second thought. At the age of 18 a girl is (supposedly) out of puberty and that confusing age of the 'misunderstood' girl. 
What else I really liked in the book?
The secondary characters were actually very well developed. Josie grew on me from page one, her brother was adorable and Billy and Dixon were just great. Would have been happy to see more of Josie' and Billy's love story. The twists in the plot were actually unexpected.
Time for book 2. Can't wait to see what happens next and I really hope that Ella is going to grow up.