неделя, 3 август 2014 г.

Alex's Destiny (Defender's Blood #1) by A.K. Michaels

I got the book free of charge in exchange for an honest review(Lovers of Paranormal). The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 8 of 10

I liked the book. A lot actually. It was sooo not what I expected and in a very good way. Alexina for me was a very nice heroine.She is a woman in mid thirties and seems to know her place in the world. The fact that her world got shaken the core is another matter. She still manages to find her place in it. Alex is what i really like in main heroine - a fighter. She doesn't give up.
I liked Zach too. The strong, scary warrior found his match. Think there is more too see, thought. Or at least I hope so.
The other couples in the book I really found cute too. All of them - Tadius and Tatyana, Vlad and Irina, Duncan and Margaret...
What I didn't like in the book.... First - too much sex. it wasn't needed for ll of it to be so descriptive. At some points it seemed like it was put to feel space. More of Alex training would have been better. Other thing I didn't like much was the whole insta love. I get that they were made for each other but still... Would have been nice to see that relationship growing a bit. The last thing I expected more of was the whole Amelia situation. It was resolved too quickly.
Overal, very nice read. Believable characters, not many things unexpected but enough and pretty sweet. The surprise at the end wasn't such a big surprise for me actually, but I think is a nice way to lead us to the next book. I can't wait to get it.