неделя, 13 април 2014 г.

Sacred by Samantha Long

I received the book free of charge in exchange of an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal). The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 6 of 10

This book is the second in the Guardian series. It is a bit slower paced than the first book and maybe a bit more focused on Sophie's inner torments. I pretty much liked it thought.

So why the lower rating?
I will admit I struggled reading it. It took me way too long to read it and there were places where I thought I would not be able to finish. But this not authors fault, it just the book hit my only trigger when I read books - sexual abuse. When was mentioned that a girl was raped I had to press on to continue reading. When Morgan's attack happened... I just left the book to rest for a few days and considered giving up. I am happy I didn't thought. It was a good read and I would have been really sorry to not see how things turned up. There were some interesting twists in it, thought I realized who the traitor is much sooner than they. I thought it was pretty obvious.
Sophie is confused in this book, a bit lost. And even if we saw some of her inner struggles maybe even more insight would have been nice. Her brother's death was barely mentioned and I was sort of expecting her to still try to deal with it.
I sort of lost sight of Tristan and Jackson in this book. Especially Jackson. He was like some sort of a decor there, a non important, secondary character. 
I happy I didn't had to read about Morgan's inner demons now. I am happy of it as I might not have been able to handle it but I am not sure if it was that good for the character's development in the other's readers eyes. She does have some new demons to handle, we just didn't saw them.
And I am in love with Aiden. That boy is so sweet and kind. My favorite character for sure.
Altogether I liked the book. Never expected that demon in the end and I am really curios what his agenda is. Would love to read the next book.