петък, 14 май 2010 г.

Word, words...

Words... We all communicate through them. But what happen when they are not enough? And is it so important what is said? Or it's more important how it was said?
How you are supposed to tell somebody that you love them? How you're supposed to say to "a friend" that he had hurt you? How you are supposed to comfort a friend who is upset, hurt, in pain? How you are supposed to say to someone that you admire their work? How you are supposed to say anything when there is no words inside you, when the heart aches and the mind is blocked? How do you describe your feelings when you are feeling in love, hurt, lonely or just apathetic?
Sometimes I have the feeling that I am surrounded by a wall of emotions, a wall I can't pass through. And I am desperately looking for words to describe them, to break the wall but it's in vain. Maybe it's just me but when emotions overtake me I can't find words to speak. I can't never find the right words to describe what I am feeling, what I am thinking. Everything I say seems so empty and meaningless.
And in this moments I think it's best to leave the acts to speak. Sometimes a single look means so much more than a ton of words.