неделя, 22 септември 2013 г.

The Keepers by J.L. Block

First to say that I got the e-book free in exchange for a honest review( Lovers of Paranormal). And to warn you - the review may contain spoilers.

Rating: 9 of 10

I admit I really loved the book. The plot was original, the characters were different and I just couldn't stop reading till I was done. I started reading the book yesterday afternoon and finished at 3am this morning. 

So what I really liked so much about it?
First, of course, I liked the idea - the crystals, the city, the different races. The story is easy to read with a hint of humor here and there(oh, I loved Magenta and her cupcakes).
Second, I liked the fact that the main character wasn't just another stupid teenage girl with raging hormones. Ava is smart and that's the biggest compliment I can say about a main character in a book. She knows her steights and weaknesses and doesn't pretent to be something she isn't. Like when in the battle she went to hide(and my guess is most readers didn't like that) I was thinking "Good girl, If you can't fight, don't hinder the others.". Else said, I loved the fact that the girl actually had brains and used them before acting. Not even once in the book I felt like "ugh, why the hell she doesn't do the most obvious thing and save herself the trouble?".
Third, I liked the fact that even if there was a big potential for romance, it wasn't like "OMG, he is so hot, I am in love with him for the rest of my life." The romace is building slowly - from strangers to friends in this book and in the next ones(I hope) to something more. I think that Ava still doesn't realize she is actually falling for Andre and I am pretty OK with it. Andre on the other hand, I think, is pretty much aware that he have fallen for her. I would love to know more about Andre's past. Jason thought, confused me a little. I couldn't decide if he was acting like a protective brother or a jealous boyfriend.

Now to mention what I didn't like so much:
First and foremost, the ending was a bit rushed for me. Andre saw Ava use her telekhinesis and I sort of don't believe that he won't confront her about it the first chance he gets. And I think we should have seen more about how the other characters - Magenta, Marcus, Miranda, Liang, etc.- are dealing with their grief.

I read other reviews about this book and a lot of people mentions there was many mistakes in it. If you are wondering why I am not mentioning it, the answer is pretty simple - as not a native speaker I don't really notice them, my English is not that good.(And as I know there is probably a lot of mistakes in my review I apologize in advance to everybody who finds them annoying. Let me know and I will fix them.)

Altogether, the book is a great read and I can recommend it to everybody who wants to read something a bit different than the normal sugar romances.(Don't get me wrong, I have big sweet tooth and love romance but I like it more when I actually see it building and not happening instantly.)