събота, 30 ноември 2013 г.

Awakening by Samantha Long

I was given the book free in excange for a honest review(Lovers of Paranormal).
This review may contain spoilers.

Rating 8 of 10

I loved the book. The concept of a group of kids with supernatural abilites is not new of course, but the idea of these kids being reborn was. Sophie is sweet and pretty likable heroine. I, sort of, didn't really get a good sense of Lili. A little bit more insight on her character will be really nice. I liked both Tristan and Jackson and I can honestly say that Morgan is actually a complicated character and she's believable. My soft spot, thought, is Aidan. He is complicated, troubled and he has the most dangerous ability. I loved him almost from the very beginning. His relationship with Morgan interested me a lot more than Sophie and Tristan's.

The story itself was very engaging and had some unpredictable turns. I read it in one breath. I can't wait for the next book.

сряда, 23 октомври 2013 г.

Serissa by M.Cundy

I got this e-book free in exchange of an honest review(Lovers of Paranormal).
The following review may contain spoilers.

Rating 7 of 10

Serissa - 17 year old girl, who doen't know what she wants to do with her life. She surprized me. No, not the fact that she doesn't know what she wants to do for living(honestly I don't think that any teenager actually knows). She surprized me with the way she has to save the world. I was like: "Wow, that's new!". THAT was totally unexpected. And I really like to have things that surprise me in my books.
Another thing that surprized me was, of course, Rose. I would have loved to see more of her backstory in the end. I didn't really get why she was the reason that Sarah and Gabe got together again.
And mentioning Gabe, I will have to say I really loved that character. There was something really charming about him. Still couln't put my finger on what it was but I can easily say he got to be my favorite in the book. The only thing I regret about him is not seeing him interact more with his friends.
I don't really have what to say about Kyle. From the moment he showed up in the book I sort of thought "Too good to be true." and that was pretty much it. I didn't really get any 'feel' about him - I didn't love, nor hate him, I remained pretty much indifferent about him.
The other person I didn't really noticed in the book was Amber. She was like a backgound sound to me.
Altogether, I really liked the book. It has some very original points and consepts. It is easy to read and entertainig. Would love to read the next, thought it's not listed as part of a series, I suspect it is as too many questions remained unanswered. 

понеделник, 14 октомври 2013 г.

Neogothic by Anthony Jerome Brown

I got this e-book free in exchange for an honest review( Lover of Paranormal).
This review may contain spoilers.

Rating 5 of 10

I was really a bit disapointed in that book. The idea was great, really original. But the way it was executed sort of ruined it. My first problem was the fact that everything happened waaaay too fast. There was practically no time to get to know the characters. It was like riding a rollercoaster. I knew time was passing in the book but only because I was told so, I never actually felt it. And the characters didn't seem to develope at all. Would have been nice if we had a better insight of them.
The second major point that bothered me were the dialogues. Or more likely the lack of them. Everything was like one big monologue all the time. Like when Atara was explaining the origins of the species in the book and she kept talking and talking and talking for pages. Sort of I don't believe that Rob won't ask questions and interupt her at least once. Also hate how the characters kept explaining themselves like "I did this and then she did that and after I did something else..." And then there were the repeating of the same things. For example,  Atara described how some of the warriors looked like and later when Rob meets them we ger the same description all over again. Or when they were fighting in the club and we got a detailed dscription where the door and the bar and the sofas were and after we get it again like the door is behind Rob's back and so on....
I would have loved to give that book a better rating as the idea is really one of the best I have stumbled upon but it really looked like being written by an amateur, more like a fanfiction than a book... Next time maybe. 

четвъртък, 10 октомври 2013 г.

The Thirst Within by Johi Jenkins

I got the e-book free in exchange for a honest review(Lovers of Paranormal).
The review may contain spoilers.

Rating 9 of 10

I really loved that book. We have Tori, a 17-years-old modern Cinderella and two hot vampires. 
First I will start with the only problem I have with the book and it's the synopsis: "Determined to find the truth, Tori will find herself torn between two very different but gorgeous vampires..." That sentence sorts of spoils the fun a bit as it hints for love triange and in the book we actually didn't see Tori develop any kind of attraction for Corbin till the last 20 pages or so. Would have been great if I haven't been expecting it.

Now about Tori. I admit that she may become one of my favorite female main characters. She is smart, she is fun and I really loved the fact that she didn't get depressed over Thierry leaving and at least tryed to move on and give John a chance. It's not that it worked out but she at least took a chance. The sneaking in Thierry's home thought was a bit too daring.

I don't have much to say about Thierry - he is the perfect boyfriend - sweet, caring, just perfect, except that he is a vampire. :) Or maybe that makes him even more perfect. And if in the synopis is mentioned Tori beeing torn between the two(mentioned above), in this book I think Thierry is the one who is most torn, not her.

And finally I will have to admit that Corbin sort of grew on me. I know that we didn't really saw much of him in that book but I still somehow managed to fell for him. I wonder if he was the one to save Tori from the fire....

One last confesion - I hate cliffhangers, they make me bite my nail in anticipation for the next book. I really hope we will get to see it published soon.

събота, 5 октомври 2013 г.

A Voice In The Night by Dana Smythe

I got the e-book free in exchange for a honest review( Lovers of Paranormal)
The review may contain spoilers.

Rating: 7 of 10

I really liked the idea of the book. The ghost story was actually original and interesting. Liked the idea for the vampires too. Still in the end I was left with the taste of something missing.

I actually liked Marci pretty much. She was pretty much a believable character in my opinion. Maybe just a bit not curious enough.
Morland is definitely my favorite. One-handed, one-hundred-and-fifty-years old ghost who likes to help people, what's not to love? :) And I really like the idea of him making contact with pictures on a cell phone.
Franklin, I admit, still remains a bit of a mystery for me and I haven't decided if I really like him. I suppose I do... at least a little. 
Arkos, thought, disapointed me a bit. I figured quite early that he is actually The Collector(the moment it was mentioned really). First, of course, was the very distinguishable hint from the author that he is a vampire. Second, from where The Collector have heard of Marci and her abilities? It's not like so many people knew about them, is it? Maybe my disapointment came mostly from the fact that Marci never actually asked herself that. Thought I would have really liked it better if it wasn't so obvious who it is.
Another thing that bugged me was that Solaric thing. The story line was sort of droped in out of nowhere and then droped out. Why Marci wasn't more persistent to know who they were and what Morlands and Franklin were so interested in? And what were these plant things?

Overall, very intersting book. Read it in one sitting - it kept my attention and it didn't bored me or annoyed me. Way too many loose ends thought. Still it's only book 1 from a trilogy so I guess the next 2 books will fill in the blanks.

неделя, 22 септември 2013 г.

The Keepers by J.L. Block

First to say that I got the e-book free in exchange for a honest review( Lovers of Paranormal). And to warn you - the review may contain spoilers.

Rating: 9 of 10

I admit I really loved the book. The plot was original, the characters were different and I just couldn't stop reading till I was done. I started reading the book yesterday afternoon and finished at 3am this morning. 

So what I really liked so much about it?
First, of course, I liked the idea - the crystals, the city, the different races. The story is easy to read with a hint of humor here and there(oh, I loved Magenta and her cupcakes).
Second, I liked the fact that the main character wasn't just another stupid teenage girl with raging hormones. Ava is smart and that's the biggest compliment I can say about a main character in a book. She knows her steights and weaknesses and doesn't pretent to be something she isn't. Like when in the battle she went to hide(and my guess is most readers didn't like that) I was thinking "Good girl, If you can't fight, don't hinder the others.". Else said, I loved the fact that the girl actually had brains and used them before acting. Not even once in the book I felt like "ugh, why the hell she doesn't do the most obvious thing and save herself the trouble?".
Third, I liked the fact that even if there was a big potential for romance, it wasn't like "OMG, he is so hot, I am in love with him for the rest of my life." The romace is building slowly - from strangers to friends in this book and in the next ones(I hope) to something more. I think that Ava still doesn't realize she is actually falling for Andre and I am pretty OK with it. Andre on the other hand, I think, is pretty much aware that he have fallen for her. I would love to know more about Andre's past. Jason thought, confused me a little. I couldn't decide if he was acting like a protective brother or a jealous boyfriend.

Now to mention what I didn't like so much:
First and foremost, the ending was a bit rushed for me. Andre saw Ava use her telekhinesis and I sort of don't believe that he won't confront her about it the first chance he gets. And I think we should have seen more about how the other characters - Magenta, Marcus, Miranda, Liang, etc.- are dealing with their grief.

I read other reviews about this book and a lot of people mentions there was many mistakes in it. If you are wondering why I am not mentioning it, the answer is pretty simple - as not a native speaker I don't really notice them, my English is not that good.(And as I know there is probably a lot of mistakes in my review I apologize in advance to everybody who finds them annoying. Let me know and I will fix them.)

Altogether, the book is a great read and I can recommend it to everybody who wants to read something a bit different than the normal sugar romances.(Don't get me wrong, I have big sweet tooth and love romance but I like it more when I actually see it building and not happening instantly.)