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A World Apart by L.J.K. Oliva

I got the book free of charge from the author in exchange of an honest review through Lovers of Paranormal. The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 8 of 10

A very nice read for everyone who likes paranormal mysteries. The mystery is intriguing and so are the characters. MacMillian is skeptic but curious. non-believer but ready to stand-up against whatever "go bump in the night". At first I was skeptic I would grow to like him, he is not your typical hero. But with time he sort of grew on me. I only wish we got a better explanation what a "baro" is and how that is important. His dislike for Marc Durban was also unexplained but as this is first book in a series, that didn't bug me as much.
Lena... I liked Lena. Mostly. She was funny, smart, likable character. And then she had to go and sleep with Marc. Which didn't fit. Not for her. Especially with the fact that MacMillian didn't like Marc and she knew it. At this point Lena already trusted the private detective, so why she didn't think more about why he doesn't trust Durban? He probably has a reason.
The mystery was interesting, not as much of who but of how and why. Will admit to not being a big fan of cliffhangers but it sure made me curious to read the next book. It looks like it will offer a wider range of night creatures and more mysteries to solve. But I think I'm mostly curious about the whole Jesper-Durban history. What really happened between these two?

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