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Hallowed (Guardian #3) by Samantha Long

I got a copy of the book free of charge in exchange of an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal). The following review contains spoilers.

Rating 7 of 10

In the third and final book of the Guardian trilogy Sophie and her friends head out to demon realm to defeat Akeldama once and for all. But what is expecting them in there was quite unexpected to me. And I loved that. There are a few surprising things but I do not want to spoil too much - friends, or at least some sort of allies, reuniions and what not.
I loved Sophie in this book. She was brave, smart and very much the kind of heroine I like. Can't say the same for Tristan. He have been unreliable if you ask me and I have no idea how Sophie could still have any trust in him after he abandoned her to deal on her own not once, but twice. This is absolutely not the kind of a guy I will count on. I pretty much like Lily too, but can't say she is a favorite of mine. Think she have been missing too long and even in this book I didn't really saw much of her. Mostly I hardly felt her as Sophie's best friend. Morgan had a lot more character to her for example.
For the rest of the characters I can hardly say much. They were nice, but at some point I was feeling confused who is who and what his role in the team is, they were just too many of them.
I also wished that the ending was a bit longer. It felt rushed and not really that much of a culmination of a long fight as I expected it to be. Some of their previous adventures to get to that point were a lot better developed.
Altogether I liked the book and the trilogy a lot. I value high the fact that I am not able to guess half way in, how the things will happen. Will gladly read any sequels or spin-offs if the author ever write one.

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